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bauer sucht frau 2013 kandidaten guy Infoscreens are large digital screens on subway and suburban train station platforms. They get a lot of attention in the low-stimulus public space: your target group is grateful for the change of pace that your advertising provides in the waiting situation. During the average five-minute wait even longer messages can be taken in.

bauer sucht frau 2013 kandidaten franz The high proportion of varied editorial content on Infoscreen creates an environment in which your message gets a very positive response. With its select regional programs, Infoscreen stands for the city the program is being shown in and is perceived as being part of it.

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attention magnet

dating for over 40's in south africa With its editorial entertainment program Infoscreen provides you with an environment that enhances the effect of advertising messages and makes formats available that, along with traditional advertising placements, are ideal for individually developed special advertising forms.

bauer sucht frau deutschland kandidaten 2013 Booking & Flexibility

bauer sucht frau 2012 schwul You have a lot of flexibility when booking advertising spots as part of the Infoscreen program. Everything is possible, from small, regional bookings to national campaigns in Germany with high advertising impact. 

bauer sucht frau atv 2012 stefanie Program transmission daily from 6 AM to midnight

atv bauer sucht frau 2012 kandidaten stefan A mix of editorial and advertising content

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bauer sucht frau 2012 neue kandidaten atv Booking according to city networks

bauer sucht frau atv 2012 sendetermine Ad length 5-30 seconds

bauer sucht frau bewerbung 2012 atv Digital booking makes updates possible at any time

bauer sucht frau 2012 atv Prices calculated according to contacts of the booked time slot

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